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City workers sticking with their unions Only a small number opt out after last year's Supreme Court ruling
Updated On: Feb 21, 2019

City workers are sticking by their unions in what is a big blow to conservatives who had hoped a Supreme Court ruling would reduce the reach of organized labor.

The Independent Budget Office Monday reported that the unions representing city government workers had lost 11,202 members in the six months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could no longer compel them to pay dues if they declined to join the union. The decline represents only a 4% loss. Conservatives were hoping for something on the magnitude of what happened in Wisconsin, where unions lost 40% of their membership when similar rules were instituted under Gov. Scott Walker.

Especially noteworthy is the performance of the United Federation of Teachers with a decline of only 1%. But District Council 37, which represents a broad swath of public employees in various industries, did see a significant drop.

Because of increases in the per-member dues, the unions collected more than $600,000 a month in additional revenue despite the decline in overall membership.

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