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Unions aren’t a thing of the past. Unions are our future.
Updated On: Feb 21, 2019

Five U.S. Supreme Court justices reminded the country on June 27 that groups like the Freedom Foundation not only detest labor unions; they want them to be a thing of the past.

However, working people are more determined than ever to continue to fight for our right to stand together in unions now and in the future. And we’re calling on the men and women we elect to municipal, state and federal offices to stand beside us.

We need legislation that makes it easier for working people to join together in a union, not harder.  

Some federal lawmakers have already stepped up to the plate by introducing multiple labor bills, including the recent Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, to help working people stand together to fight for higher wages, respect on the job and health care and retirement benefits.

The Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, introduced by Sen. Mazie Hirono

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