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The Triborough Doctrine - the Facts
Updated On: Jan 27, 2012

Protects Your Benefits When You Exercise Your Right

  The Taylor Law and the Triborough Doctrine protect your wages, benefits, as well as terms and conditions of employment.

It is an improper employer practice not to continue an expired agreement until a new agreement is reached (Section 209 - a.1):

In the early 1980's the New York State Legislature passed legislation that amended the Taylor Law. The Triborough Amendment was passed as a counter to the fact that NYS public employees do not have the right to strike.

Most public employees don't think about the Triborough Doctrine or remember its importance. There are some in the NYS legislature that would like to eliminate this important legislation.

What does the Triborough Doctrine do?

  • Prevents an employer from changing terms and conditions of employment until a new contract is negotiated.
  • Requires empoyers to negotiate in good faith, in exchange employees are protected from striking. Employers changing terms and conditions of employment after a contract expires but before a new contract commit an improper practice.

What effect would a repeal of the Triborough Amendment have?

  • Step increases, increments and longevity pay amounts could be stopped.
  • Employers could reduce work hours and workers' pay and change benefits after a contract expires.
  • Holiday and sick pay could be eliminated.
  • Health coverage could be reduced and employees' share of the premium could be increased.
  • Employers could implement a contract on its employees if no agreement is achieved.

The Triborough Amendment puts ATU members on a level playing field. An elimination of this important legislation or even a watered down version would have a devastating effect on public employees throughout the state of New York.

For those wondering if their legislators working to stop public employees of this important legislation believe public employees would be granted the right to strike to be law, they don't. They want a one way bargaining process.

Contact your legislators and let them know that you support the Triborough Doctrine and collective bargaining.

Click here for your NYS legislators

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